Appliance Installations in Houston, TX

Appliance Installation In Houston, College Station, TX, And Surrounding Areas

The modern home has undergone a transformation these past few years. Once empty, desolate places with a sorry number of improvisions, the contemporary home now resembles a Walmart Appliance Section. We now have curved TVs, double door fridges, cookers, washers, dryers, and ovens. The list goes on and on into oblivion. Very soon, flame throwers and tanks will be the only things our homes will be missing. We are the experts for appliance installation in Houston, College Station, TX, and surrounding areas.

Appliance Installation In Houston, College Station, TX, And Surrounding Areas | Neighborly Appliance Repair, LLCThe Importance of Installation

 Though many folks obsess with the prices of these appliances, the story doesn’t end there. You still have to get them installed. Though overlooked by many, the installation of these appliances is just as important as their purchase.

Why You Should Consider Professional Appliance Installation

Having hundreds of poorly installed appliances all over your home is a recipe for disaster. You don’t want your cooker sticking off your beautiful counter like the Kilimanjaro, or your 65′ TV crashing to the floor during the NFL final.

These are some of the reasons you should consider Professional Appliances:

  • Safety- Poorly installed appliances put you and your family at risk. They pose a serious fire hazard, among other risks. It would help if you had an installer who values safety very highly; Neighborly Appliances is an excellent place to start.
  • Warranty- Most appliances come with warranties that are immediately voided by poor installation. Rest assured that buying your second washer isn’t as exciting as the first. That’s why you need your warranties intact. Buying the appliance is just one part of the hassle. On the other side, you have to get the appliance installed in such a way that it’s one with your home.
  • Value For Money- Professional installation will ensure that you squeeze the most value from your appliances. Appliances that are installed by professionals have longer lifetimes and experience fewer issues.
  • Maintenance- Properly installed appliances rarely break down. With us at your service, you won’t be driving to and fro the repair store often.

Who We Are

Neighborly appliances is a family of experts dedicated to ensuring that you and your appliances live a long and happy life. For more inquiries, contact us today and let us make all your appliance issues a thing of the past.

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